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Who We Are

Digital Edge has 45 Years of the Man Working experience; with a track record of building global market leaders and achieving high-value avail... Read More

Company Profile

Digital Edge Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company registration number is (85630 1684 RC0001) year 2000 in Canada & with its head office at Kuwait ... Read More


Quality is the first priority at Digital Edge (DE) Solutions Inc. We are powered with Quality product and strive for Quality Service. We engaged with the best ... Read More

Technical Resources

To support the efforts of our Software Team, we've created a sound environment and our tools are your assurance that we can deliver the results ... Read More

Bussiness Patner

The Nexcom is the manufacturer of the Servers which includes Blade Server / Dual processor Xeon Server and Security Products too. We run Blade Server ... Read More

Our Team

Digital Edge Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company registration number is (85630 1684 RC0001) year 2000 in Canada & with its head office at Kuwait ... Read More


Digital Edge has been successfully powered many new Hardware and Software in the IT Industry and achieved a high ranked to manage, market ... Read More

Why to choose us

We Digital Edge Solutions since 2005 we have been into the IT Consultancy, Infrastructure of the Data Center, Back Office of your business , Front Office of the Corporate or Business or any e-commerce application too. We are a best-suited vendor to your either of IT solutions.

Why to choose us

We do strive to think always better ideas where we can help you think of unique ideas to help keep your customers interested in your business.

Finding better product in the Local or International market or propose you an alternative.

Outsource your IT Solutions, IT Requirements, IT Relocation, Data Center Development, IT Management, IT SOP, RFP, Commissioning.

For your Branding Email marketing, Social Media, polls and much more thru online and using various way to market the same.

Development of your Website or an Application. From the first discussion, we always keep an eye out for big picture impacts. Focus will be on your development, but we will also let you know about impacts to sources outside of your website. For example, the performance and scalability of your website to be considered.

Entire IT S services are very diverse. We have Retail, Whole Sale for all the IT Products. We do have diversified IT Consultancy experience, which may include from collecting Requirements to the Commissioning or building your Disaster Recovery Solution.

Locating your Back End Solutions related to your any of such requirements either one from the mentioned: Microsoft, Linux, Red Hat, Centos, Fedora, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, Open Bravo, Maximo, Dynamics etc.

We do cover not only Kuwait, Arabian Gulf but India, Pakistan, Canada, USA, Turkey and European Countries too.

Our Vendors are not only to keep us as their loyal customer but we do have loyalty that we take them globally too.

We have certified project managers who has proven successful record of above 45 years in this IT Industry especially in the Middle East, Kuwait in general. They are covering various domains including Retail, Wholesale, Oil & Gas, Live Stock, Government, Food Processing, Mega Stores and other various Domains too.

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Since we do have massive experience and various vendors so for each solutions as Web Site, Application Development or Product Search in the Area. With the overhead of some of the larger firms, we can offer very competitive prices.

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And the number 1 reason to choose the Digial Edge Solutions Co for your IT projects are :

Digital Edge Solutions is not a typical website, Application development or like other firm who keep on taking project on daily bases. We do not want to build 100 of the websites or Applications in a year neither we want to take up like others 1000 of the projects. We do not believe to keep ourself busy with un-necessary project. We do keep our highest Standard of accomplishment in each project. We want to build your website or Application, and we think we should have some fun building a well thought out, functional, usable site for you and your valuable customers too.

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